Jan 25


Posted by: George Grundy

So what do you do with a man who is entirely divorced from reality, and has a psychotic personality based solely on self-aggrandisement, who would literally throw a child under a train for a dollar? How can America fight back against this clinically unwell man?

The normal rules of engagement simply don’t apply here. The idea that protest groups can move Trump is laughable. The notion that persuasive argument made by those outside his immediate retinue is fantasy. Trump intends to enact a smorgasbord of the worst, most insane and unethical legislation imaginable. He’s already reinstated the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines and signed an anti-abortion bill in a room filled with men. And it’s only Wednesday.

Another strategy is required. Democratic institutions and reason are not going to work against a proto-fascist.

If we think about it the right way, there are methods to undermine and potentially wound Trump. Despite his authoritarian ways, he remains a pathetic figure, narcissistic, shallow, stupid and vain. Almost unbelievably, he’s still making statements about how he won the popular vote in the election. He’s still riled because the inaugural crowds he got were a fraction of those enjoyed by Obama in 2008. When Alec Baldwin sends Trump up on Saturday Night Live, he always tweets how terrible the show is. SAD! He is simply unable to stop himself.

I think these foibles will in time be recognised as a strategic weakness, a means of us Luke Skywalkers blowing up the Death Star. Trump is obsessed by his own popularity, and strikes out wildly at real or even perceived slights in this regard. This makes him weak. Vulnerable.

The most obvious target is his base. Trump’s real people are the billionaires he intends to further enrich, but he somehow persuaded poor white Americans that he alone had their interests at heart. These people can quickly be disabused of that notion. Trump enters office with the lowest approval rating in modern American history – a further collapse in his numbers will put enormous pressure on the party he leads. Senate and House Republicans have been shown to be immoral, supine saps, born without backbones. They bow to Trump solely because of the power he commands. They hated him before he took control, and late at night they hate him now too. Collapsing poll numbers will make Trump look like a losing bet, and the rats will begin to desert the sinking ship. Trump’s power is illusory, as his party is being held hostage. Cracks in this weakest of dams could lead to collapse.

The media can play their part. At Sean Spicer’s first press conference he took his initial questions from the New York Post, Christian Broadcasting Network and Univision, a Spanish-language cable channel. Abandoning a decades-old tradition of giving the first question to Associated Press, that honour went to Lifezette, a hard-right website that at best deals in ‘alternative facts’, shall we say. Trump employs cheer-squads at his public appearances. Ignoring the establishment press will allow him to control the message.

Well, two can play at that game. Having given Trump so much free publicity during the election, the mainstream media should abandon their own protocols and not give airtime to this stream of never-ending bilge and dishonesty. And here’s the nub. Trump would hate that. No matter how he excoriates the press, he secretly loves them more than life itself. Trump boasted about being on the front cover of Time magazine more times than Tom Brady when standing in front of a wall memorialising fallen CIA agents. He apparently spends nearly all his spare time watching television coverage about himself. Media is Trump’s oxygen, but the mainstream media organisations control the flow of that precious gas. It would be best for all concerned if CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and Washington Post decided not to give Trump’s daily outrages the oxygen that allows them to burn. Not being the lead story would hurt Trump more than the lead story describing how awful he is. It could be done. After all, why keep covering the utterances of a man who lies nearly every time he opens his mouth.

A thousand different darts could be shot from those on the ground. Imagine Trump’s reaction if something as simple as a Facebook page or petition attracted a million signatures. Circulate pictures of Trump looking fat and old. Find old lovers and get them to describe his prowess. Delve into his business details. We know that his financial interests leave him hopelessly compromised and corrupted – find and publish those tax returns and show what a fraud the man is. Target Melania – by all appearances she seems desperately unhappy and afraid of him. Having a beautiful woman on his arm is essential to Trump’s self-portrayal. He would never admit it, but if Melania left him he would be mortally wounded. How could Trump appear in public without a gorgeous woman as a sign of his sexual success and physical attractiveness.

For all those of you thinking that perhaps this goes too far, you have not been paying attention. This is day three, and already we are glimpsing the horror that awaits.

Trump wants to dismantle the international accords that have kept the world peaceful for seventy years. Under Trump, the battle to save planet earth’s climate will be lost. He plans to decimate funding for Medicare and Medicaid, for Social Security and the arts. His policies will amount to a declaration of war against America’s poor. The only department due a raise is America’s already obscenely bloated military budget, and the military require a war to justify their money, and to make profits for the corporate arms sector. Trump will concoct a war, most probably involving major powers, within the next twelve months. A world war, with the chance of nuclear exchange, is more probable than possible. With this man in charge, the future of mankind is now in danger. Normal rules of engagement cannot apply. Trump needs to be removed from office. He is a sociopathic danger to humanity.