Nov 14


Posted by: George Grundy

So, that happened.

On January 20th 2017, at noon, President Donald J. Trump is going to take the oath of office on the steps of the Capitol, and an extraordinary new era will be ushered in. The world has every reason to be terrified.

Although concepts like ‘the market’ and democracy appear self-regulating, self-perpetuating, and the natural way of things, just as an individual is capable of error, entire groups of people can also make the wrong choice. Germany democratically elected Adolf Hitler in 1932. That decision didn’t work out so well. So it’s simply not acceptable to say that because 59-million Americans voted for Donald Trump (less than those who voted for Clinton, and just one-in-four American adults) we must accept the result, wish him well and put up with whatever happens from here. Americans have made a bad choice, a catastrophically bad choice, and the wrong decision.

Talking heads on television networks calmly discuss how Trump is likely to govern, and compare his likely style to those of his predecessors, but this time it’s not the same, and this man is not like those who have come before. We face a leader of America unprecedented in his inexperience and mendacity, a lifelong rapist and crook, with a personality disorder rarely seen outside the halls of a psychiatric institution.

We all mould truth to fit our own reality somewhat. Truth can be subjective, but I’m not sure that Donald Trump actually knows what the truth is. His life has been so filled with hubris and bluster that I truly believe he no longer can recognise the difference between truth and lies.

Trump’s campaign was unlike any other in American history. He said things that would have destroyed another Presidential candidate in an instant, then doubled down on them each time his lies were exposed. Trump said Hillary Clinton had been fighting Isis her ‘entire adult life’, and claimed that if Clinton was elected she would let in 650-million immigrants in the first week, tripling the population. In a week. How would you feel about me if, over dinner, I told you that my new car went 6,000 miles per hour, and when you said don’t be ridiculous I angrily continued to claim I was right, and then told you another obvious lie to obscure the previous one. Trump’s last 18-months have been an endless stream of the utterly absurd. And still they voted for him.

Listen to the way he talks. When Trump met the board of the Washington Post in March this year, this is what he said when questioned about the use of nuclear weapons against ISIS.

“I don’t want to use, I don’t want to start the process of nuclear. Remember the one thing that everybody has said, I’m a counterpuncher. Rubio hit me. Bush hit me. When I said low energy, he’s a low energy individual, he hit me first, I spent, by the way he spent 18-million dollars worth of negative ads on me. That’s putting…I’ll tell you one thing, this is a very good-looking group of people here”.

The man’s unwell in the head. He’s babbling. Trump talks of ‘nuclear’, and ‘the cyber’. He has the spoken syntax of an eight year old with learning difficulties. His sentences constantly miss words – ‘I’m automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them’. Beautiful what? Donkeys? When you write down what Trump says on a piece of paper it’s clear that he very rarely forms a sentence that includes a noun, verb and adjective. Trump has some form of mental agitation that can’t focus long enough to form a clear sentence. This is our new President.

You have to get inside the head of Trump supporters, they say. Wages have flat-lined since before Reagan, millions are in abject poverty. I’m sure their situation is desperate, and I empathise, but they’re still fucking morons. Morons who think a narcissistic billionaire truly has their interests at heart, despite a career stiffing contractors and the little guys. Morons who see a racist and don’t have the morals to disavow him. 42% of women voters opted for Trump. Statistics suggest that a horrifying one in five American women have been sexually assaulted in their lifetime. This means that a proportion of America’s women have been the victims of sexual assault, saw Trump’s antics, recognized him as the same kind of monster who hurt them, and still voted for him, like some kind of sexual Stockholm syndrome. Utter fucking morons.

We’ve had fools like Truman and Bush Jnr in the White House before. We’ve had crooks, like Nixon, but there has never been a President like Trump, a genuine and complete fraud, whose lifelong association with the darkest side of New York construction, including criminals, Mafiosi and thugs, has been criminally under-reported. Trump has acted as pimp and pusher, fuelling under-age women with drugs to help old, rich men to – you’ll pardon my French – fuck them.

This is not a matter of taste or perception, or of political persuasion. Concepts like law, truth, respect, equality and tolerance are not open to debate. It’s the 21st century. We have moved past darker periods in human history when women were denied control over their bodies, or when the government felt the right and the need to intervene in individual sexuality and the choice of who we love. Trump threatens a return to a past that our society has worked so hard to leave behind.

Some have mounted the argument that Trump’s words during the election were all for show, and that somehow now he is President he will tack towards the centre, be constrained by the mechanics of government, or try to be an inclusive President. He won’t. They’re wrong. They said the same when he tried to get the Republican nomination. He doubled down. They said as much when he ran for the Presidency. He kept doubling down. Sure, Trump may soften some policies initially, but there’s no pretense here. Trump is exactly who he has spent the last eighteen months telling us he is. Read his twitter feed. He is incapable of acting in a way contrary to his racist, sexist, misogynist, hateful, pathetic little weasel of a character.

Starting on January 20th, Trump’s first 100 days in office are going to transcend the word traumatic. As I write he is assembling a cabinet of the most bat-shit crazy right-wing scumfucks America has to offer. Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, Ben Carson, Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin and Michelle Fucking Bachmann. Sarah Fucking Palin as Secretary of the Interior! All these idiots dutifully reporting to Trump, knowing that their role is to give Trump what he wants. It’s a smorgasbord of insanity.

Trump wants to tear up the nuclear agreement with Iran, which will 100% guarantee they restart their nuclear program. Iran is backed by Russia – a war there would be like Iraq times one thousand. Perhaps Trump will sell nukes to Saudi Arabia (and Japan) – ‘why not’, as he said.

Trump will appoint Supreme Court justices more conservative than evil incarnate Antonin Scalia. He may get three appointments, setting America’s fundamental direction to hard-right for a generation. He has clearly indicated a priority will be overturning Roe v Wade. Within a year American woman may need to leave the country to get an abortion. If Mike Pence has anything to do with it that will include in the instance or rape, incest or risk to the mother’s life. Back-alley abortions will again become a part of America’s underbelly. This will be just one of a wide number of measures that will make Trump’s Presidency an unimaginable disaster for women’s rights. What do you expect – Trump hates women. He thinks they are only for decoration and sex. Flat-chested women can never be a ten, and the other ones who cross him are ‘pigs’, ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’ and ‘disgusting’.

Latinos voted for Trump in surprising numbers, despite him calling Mexicans rapists in his first campaign speech. Trump has pledged to deport 11-million undocumented immigrants, starting with the 2-3 million ‘criminals’ he has somehow identified. A deportation force of up to 90,000 people is proposed. Homes will be raided in the dead of night, women and children taken against their will, families torn apart. People who have lived in America their whole life will hide in the basement, and fear going outside. There is talk of trains being used to transport people. This may have some historical resonance for you.

Worst of all, Trump wants to tear up the Paris climate accord, the pathetic and flimsy agreement that nevertheless remains our only international framework for dealing with climate change. If America exits the Paris accord, other countries will follow suit. We are entering a crucial decade of make or break for the world’s climate. It may have escaped your notice, but 2015 was the first recorded year that CO2 in the atmosphere stayed above 400ppm all year (normally the Northern hemisphere summer growth reduces the figure somewhat). We haven’t seen CO2 levels like that in Earth’s atmosphere for 800,000 years, back when humans didn’t exist and the oceans were 30-metres higher than they are today. Florida is perilously exposed to even limited rises in ocean levels, yet these morons voted for Trump, like turkeys close to Christmas.

At the precise moment when dramatic measures could still stop climate change becoming an out-of-control disaster, Trump wants to remove regulations on drilling and CO2 emissions, and drive the bus in the opposite direction to what is best for mankind. He has claimed climate change itself is ‘bullshit’, a ‘hoax’ made up by the Chinese to gain competitive advantage. Trump’s Presidency threatens the ongoing viability of mankind on planet earth. We’re genuinely battling for survival now that he’s in the Oval Office. Climate change is happening much faster than nearly all scientists predicted. It will blight or end our children’s lives. Donald Trump will incrementally increase this risk to us all.

Ask yourself, who can stop him? Trump has the Senate and the House at his disposal. Republicans have shown themselves to be men and women (mostly men) of straw this last year, typified by Representative Jason Chaffetz, who said he couldn’t in good conscience vote for Trump after he heard the pussy-grabbing tape (citing his teenage daughter as justification), but then changed his mind and voted Trump anyway. It seems Chaffetz’s teenage daughter wasn’t so important to him after all.

Trump has the support of America’s evangelical voters, who have shown once and for all that their moronic belief in a nice man in the sky who still gives kids bone cancer is just evidence of their mind-blowing stupidity. They voted for a thrice-married rapist with five children from three different women. If you don’t think sexism was a major factor in this year’s election, try to imagine the reaction had Hillary Clinton been married three times and had children with three different men. Sexist religious morons.

Trump has an astounding 75 lawsuits pending against him as he enters office, yet another situation entirely without precedent. He was a central figure in the fraudulent Trump University scandal, a case Trump seems guaranteed to lose. If he was poor, Trump would almost definitely be going to jail, but don’t tell me he is going to dutifully turn up to court and testify. Power is everything to Trump, and now he has the most powerful office in the world he will find a way to dismiss these pesky legal matters. Hell, he might pass a decree sparing the President any legal liability, now or in the future. Nixon believed that things aren’t illegal if the President does them. Trump is a much more nefarious figure. He wouldn’t pass a background check to gain access to the intelligence community because of his past – now he commands the FBI, CIA and NSA.

The press still has the ability to expose Trump for the fraud he is, but this will not last long. Trump has targeted the media throughout his Presidential campaign, and said he wants to ‘open up’ libel laws, to make it much easier to sue. President Trump will have the muting of America’s media very near the top of his list when he enters office. Without a functioning media, there will be little to stop him doing whatever he wants. People won’t be told when he is breaking the law. History tells us of the incredible dangers that arise when this happens.

But it’s worse than that. Much, much worse. Because Donald Trump is a fascist, in the mould of those celebrated figures of the 1930’s. He really has no interest in being a democratic leader. Trump wants to be emperor.

Despite the US defense budget already being the highest in human history, Trump wants to increase it. And there’s no point having all those bullets and missiles and not being able to use them. War is coming.

Just 28 days after Hitler was elected, the Reichstag building was burned down by the Nazis in a false-flag operation. This allowed Hitler to pass emergency decrees and declare that the nation was under attack. There were mass arrests, and democracy in Germany was effectively ended. 9/11 happened less than eight months after George W. Bush was elected. You might not know this, but there were at least five flights (probably more) due to have taken part in the attacks that day. Had the fourth and fifth flights succeeded in hitting their targets, the coup that was carried out by the Neo-Conservatives at the head of the Bush administration might have been incrementally more devastating. Martial law would have been declared. We missed out on the end of American democracy in 2001 quite by chance. We will not be so lucky again.

War will hand Trump unlimited political power, and the attending profits for those within the military industrial complex for whom death means money. If you doubt this, take a look at the stock price of defense logistics behemoths such Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. All shot up dramatically on Wednesday. Investors aren’t fools. Trump means war, and war means profits.

All that will be required is an incident, real or manufactured. When Trump is in a position to declare that America is under attack, you should know that American democracy is finished. Over. Should a terrorist attack take place on American soil, the people will not just accept the suspension of liberty, they will demand it.

I just spent the last three years of my life writing a book whose title included the words ‘the Rise of Fascism in America’. A year ago people scoffed at the use of that emotive word. To paraphrase Bob Monkhouse, they’re not scoffing now. The ongoing effects of 9/11 have concentrated political power in the office of the executive in a way that is unprecedented in American history. The President now has unlimited war powers, a militarised police, nearly a thousand military bases around the world, drones that can kill anywhere on earth, surveillance capabilities dwarfing any in history, the largest nuclear missile arsenal in the world, a polarised and fearful population and control of all three branches of government. America is poised to emerge as the most overtly fascist nation since Nazi Germany, the difference being that America is vastly more powerful than Germany ever was.

We face the very real possibility of a world war.

It’s all profoundly depressing. You wonder what on earth we can do about it. A few friends have pointed out one particular option – it’s not one I’m going to write down here, but the idea wasn’t beyond candidate Trump, who opined that if Hillary Clinton was elected there would be nothing anyone could do about her appointments, ‘although, the 2nd amendment people…’

Americans can’t accept this fascist mental patient as their President. Every possible method of political attack must be arrayed and deployed against Trump. Impeachment proceedings should start now. Democrats must stop playing the game, and oppose every word that comes from his mouth. We must wage a scorched-earth, burn the villages and salt the ground campaign against Trump and anyone associated with him. That’s what Trump said he would do if Hillary Clinton had won. Citizens should get involved, agitate, march, organise, protest, and donate to causes that support liberty and freedom. Civil disobedience is a powerful tool. If enough people simply refuse to do the things they’re supposed to, the entire system can be shut down. It needs to be, because very soon indeed it is going to be too late. It is not acceptable to sit back any more. Every single one of us has a duty to stand up and oppose this fascist psychopath.

If you don’t think you can make a difference, read the story of Gandhi.

As for me, I still can’t believe this has happened. The seventy years of post-WWII peace that we’ve enjoyed is unraveling before our eyes. I’ve lost hope. Hope that we can still find a way out of this. Faith that we have the ability to save ourselves.

I don’t know what to do with myself.