The Combover Fascist

Oct 28

The Combover Fascist

Posted by: George Grundy

It’s worth repeating. We are eleven days away from the most consequential political decision of our lives. If it was closer, you’d be having trouble sleeping right now, but despite Hillary’s lead, Nate Silver still suggests Donald Trump has a 14.5% chance of winning. I try not to be overly emotive, but imagine if a doctor told you your child had a 14.5% chance of having a disease that would blight or end their life. It’s that serious.

It has taken so long to finally get here that we’ve become inured to the danger. We’ve forgotten how utterly ridiculous it is that the party of Abraham Lincoln is now led by a buffoonish man-child with a terrible comb-over, dyed hair and an orange face, who has bragged about and appears to have filled his life with regular sexual assault of women, and discussed the size of his penis at a party primary. This is a man who chose to bring up an argument with Rosie O’Donnell at a Presidential debate, then took the most obvious bait and tweeted about a Miss Universe contestant at three in the morning for a week. Without the money and the power Trump would be pitiable – a brash, vain, thin-skinned man who appears to have all the worst characteristics of male human beings rolled into one disgusting body.

Still, 14.5%. That’s the chance that America will elect a man who wants to punish women seeking abortions. Trump wants to deport eleven million people – can you picture the scenes. Imagine your sentiments when men in uniform start building a 1,000-mile wall across the Southern border. Trump wants to ban 1.4 billion Muslims from travelling to the United States. He’s happy for South Korea and the Saudis to get nuclear weapons, and said of America’s arsenal ‘what’s the point in having them if we can’t use them’.

You may be concerned about climate change. Trump isn’t. He said climate change is a hoax, made up by the Chinese to gain financial advantage. He has repeatedly praised Vladimir Putin, a kleptocratic mafiosi strongman, on whom he appears to base his own political image. Trump incites violence at his political rallies. His response to the Black Lives Matter movement is to suggest that it is the police who need more protection.

Donald Trump wants to tear up Barack Obama’s agreement with Iran, that saved the world from a conflagration many times more serious than the war in Iraq. He has said he thinks the best way to deal with terrorists is to kill their families, and that he would bring back torture, including waterboarding ‘and a hell of a lot worse’. Despite the fact that America’s military is by far and away the largest and best funded in the world, he says it’s degraded. Trump says he knows more than his generals, and that they will obey him if he commands them to commit war crimes.

Trump has spent a year vilifying the American media, some of whom needed an armed escort out of one of his rallies recently. He says he wants to strengthen libel laws so he can more effectively sue newspapers. A Trump presidency would target, cow and destroy America’s independent media. All information would be government controlled.

Trump appears to have no knowledge of or concern for the Constitution, and has suggested that if he loses, not only will he have been cheated, he will not accept the result. Predictably, some members of the hysterical mass he has whipped up have responded by saying that if Hillary wins they will take up arms. This is an unprecedented threat to American democracy.

Trump is a fairground barker, a snake-oil salesman, an old-fashioned crook. He has successfully convinced poor and poorly educated white Americans that their country is in an existential crisis, and that only he, a billionaire, has their concerns at heart. His business practice suggests the opposite. Trump has consistently cheated his suppliers, choosing not to pay when the work is done in the safe knowledge that he has deep pockets and the best lawyers. His ties are made in China, as is much of the steel he uses to build his gaudy, tasteless towers. His wealth is vastly over-stated. He’s almost definitely not a billionaire. His university was a sham, his charity a fraudulent front. As Trump has railed against the loss of American jobs, he has sent his business overseas, sent small American companies broke, and gamed the tax system to avoid contributing any federal income tax for nearly twenty years.

Trump is a lifelong racist. His real-estate lessors were found to discriminate against African-Americans, telling black applicants that his buildings were full, when they were not. When exposed, Trump’s business practices did not change. Trump says he likes his accountants Jewish, and thinks that Mexicans are rapists.

Trump sexually assaults women. He has spent his entire life rating women purely on their physical appearance and bragging about his sexual exploits, even going as far as to phone newspapers and claim to be a man named John Barron, a Trump employee, in order to list the sheer number of women that his ‘boss’ was screwing. That bragging on the bus? That wasn’t locker-room talk, it was Trump saying exactly who he is. Trump held cocaine-fuelled parties at his suites where old, rich men were introduced to impressionable young models, some of whom were under-age, solely to use power and influence in order to pressure the young women to have sex. Trump is a serial rapist, who has used his position to attack women, subjugate them to his will, and ensure that the victim never gets a chance to seek justice for what happened to them.

Trump has hijacked the party to which he has attached himself, and taken the very notion of Republicanism to the brink of destruction. He has laid bare the idea that Republicans have any form of moral compass. Watch as his party’s senior representatives have decried Trump’s statements but still say they will vote for him. These people are exposed. They stand for nothing. Having stood by him for too long, Republican leaders now know that if they abandon Trump they will lose, and if they stay by him they are tacitly endorsing his vile statements. This is a classic fascist power-grab. Trump has even convinced evangelical voters that a serially unfaithful, thrice married crook shares their values. Religious voters are useful idiots.

Donald Trump doesn’t even want to be President. He has no interest in policy or democratic politicking. He just wants to be called President. The institutions of democracy would just be inconvenient obstacles to him. Given the chance, he would swiftly do away with them. A Trump presidency would see the end of a free press, the return of state-sanctioned abduction, rape and torture, social collapse, fascism and a world war.

Trump is a liar, a rapist, a misogynist, a racist and a crook. If, by chance, he finds a way to convert the 14.5% opportunity he has, American society will collapse. The ongoing effect of 9/11 means that all the hallmarks of a fascist police state are in place. All America lacks is a leader. Trump would be that man. We are perhaps eleven days away from the end of America as a democracy, the end of our fight against climate change, and the end of world peace. Donald Trump represents an existential threat to the future of humanity on planet earth, and this election is the most important event in my life, and in yours.